"Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter." Martin Luther King, Jr


….Walking alone beside the broken lace that hung Over the seas green fist.


– Homer’s Iliad

300 days, 4 seasons, many emotions, many skies, love, friendship, philanthropy, a single point of view and a sea that’s always counting

Costa Verde, Lima, Peru, 2014

©Copyright Daniel Malka, all rights reserved

Numbered and signed Fine art prints are available in sizes from 50×50 cm to 100x100cm. All sales are used to help us support the Project.

Please contact us for prints, licensing or assignments: daniel@malkaphotoproject.org

Birds Of Sorrow, June 13th 2014

Rush Hour, September 23 2014

December 25th 2014

Father’s Day, June 15 2014

FOG, June 1 2014

SILENCE… March 29 2014

Mirror, April 26 2014

To Sasha… Live and Let Live, May 8 2014

The Curved Crack, May 31 2014

Two by Two, July 2014

Creation, September 24 2014

High And Dry, November 8 2014

New Life, November 9 2014

Lima Spring, January 23 2015

In Between, November 20 2014

Like A Rock

Let It Be, November 23 2014

Hide And Seek

Summer, January 26 2015


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